Q. Items Not Allowed For Exchange / Return

We would like to inform you that UNIQLO accepts product returns or exchanges as long as the item/s are eligible based on our Returns Policy. However, here are the items that are not accepted due to hygienic purposes.

  • ❌ Socks

    Sample of Socks: 

    User-added image


  • ❌ Inner wears (e.g. Bra, Undergarments, HEATTECH and AIRism Inner Wears)

    Sample of Inner Wears: 
    User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image


  • ❌ Camisoles

    Sample of Camisoles:

    User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image


  • ❌ Baby products

    Sample of Baby Product:

    User-added image


  • ❌ AIRism Accessories (e.g. Mask, Sheet, Pillowcases, etc.)

    Sample of AIRism Accessories: 

    User-added image


  • ❌ Any packaged items (e.g. items with plastic and carton packaging) except if it is a damaged, defective or faulty item.

    Sample of Packaged Items: HEATTECH and Packaged Color T-Shirts

    User-added image


  • ❌ Items / Bottoms that have been sent to Alteration

    User-added imageUser-added image


  • ❌ Items that have been washed and laundered

    Washed items can no longer be accepted for Return or Exchange.


  • ❌ Used Items

    Used items can no longer be accepted for Return or Exchange.


🟢 Some accessories such as bags, belts, scarf, stole, sunglasses, hats, shoes (EXCEPT Room Shoes) and other accessories that are not packaged may be returned or exchanged.

🟢 Any signs of use, stains, and scratches on the product shall be grounds to refuse return or exchange of the product.



You may check if your item is eligible to be returned or exchanged by checking its category on the item listing.


User-added image
User-added image

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