Q. Can I donate items for recycling?

Yes! RE.UNIQLO is our sustainability initiative to give a new life for your pre-loved LifeWear items. Through this initiative, we will take your donations and utilize them through:

🔁 RE-USE: We will donate your pre-loved clothing to our different partner communities

♻️ RECYCLE: We will utilize old and unwearable items through upcycling them into new products

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◼️ How to Donate
▪️ Locate our RE.UNIQLO Donation box in all our stores nationwide. Simply drop off your donations (ideally organized and packed) in the box, or approach our staff for assistance.
▪️ We only accept pre-loved UNIQLO clothing items
▪️ To find your closest store and operating hours, kindly search it on our store locator. 

◼️ Items for Donation
▪️ We only accept UNIQLO clothing items for donation

Kindly refrain from donating the following items: 
❌ Underwear and innerwear (only HEATTECH innerwear tops are accepted) 
❌ Shoes and bags 
❌ Accessories (hats, belts, etc.)

▪️ Please make sure the items are clean and still fit for wear. Refrain from donating items with unrepairable wear and tear (big holes and rips, big stains, etc.)
▪️ Please wash your clothes prior to donation to ensure that items are delivered in the best possible condition.
▪️ Kindly check the items before dropping off in the RE.UNIQLO box to make sure there are no personal belongings left with them. 

◼️ Do you accept clothes of other brands or UNIQLO items only? 
▪️ We will only accept pre-loved UNIQLO items. Please refrain from donating clothing items from other brands. (Kindly refer to ‘Items for Donation’ for specific items accepted)

◼️ What are the requirements for donating? 
▪️ You may donate any number of items; there is no minimum or maximum quantity. We only request that you provide clean and wearable items, so others may still be able to use them.

◼️ Who do you donate it to or what communities?
▪️ We utilize your pre-loved clothing and donate them to our various partner communities nationwide. For more information on our previous initiatives, please visit our sustainability page here


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