Q. UNIQLO's Product Sampling Program

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To thank customers for writing reviews on UNIQLO.COM that help us to improve LifeWear, we’d like to give them free samples to try out. 

To join, just leave a review of a product you’ve bought and turn on your app notifications for more updates on our Sampling Program.

To learn more about the Sampling Program, you may click here

Note: Coupon design to be updated monthly

Promo Duration 
■ Monthly promotion from the 1st and last day of the month before drawing the 50 monthly winners.
■ Coupon is valid for only 2 months from the date of distribution. 

Participating Stores
■ This coupon can only be redeemed at a UNIQLO Store near you. 

Promo Mechanics
   ● Step 1: Download the UNIQLO App 
   ● Step 2: Leave a review on your favorite UNIQLO Products on the UNIQLO App 
   ● Step 3: Enjoy (1) Raffle Entry for the Monthly Sampling Campaign Promo for a chance to be a part of the 50 monthly winners to get one (1) FREE LifeWear item. Winners will be announced in the first week of the following month.

Terms & Conditions
■ This coupon is granted only to select individuals/customers who left a product review under the “UNIQLO Sampling Program” (Customer Review Raffle). 
■ Only 50 winners of the UNIQLO Sampling Program are eligible to receive the coupon every month. 
■ Winner is entitled to choose only one of the following featured Sampling items of the month. 
■ Item is subject to availability in chosen UNIQLO Stores. 
■ Cannot be combined with any other coupon or promotion.
■ Cannot be used to purchase UNIQLO Gift Cards, Alteration Fees, and Gift Boxes. 
■ This coupon cannot be refunded once used. 
■ Please take note of the duration you can redeem the Sampling Items once chosen as the monthly winner. 

  • Who is eligible for the Sampling Program?

    Any app member who leaves a review during the promo period will stand a chance to win the free product. Only 50 winners will be chosen monthly. 
    For more information, please visit our page here

    • What product do I have to review to join the Sampling Program?

      You can review any item found on our website/app. The product that will be given away under the Sampling Program will not be dependent on the product reviews submitted by customers. 

      • How do I leave a review? 

        Go to your purchase history on the website or app. Select the item that you would like to give feedback on and click on [WRITE A REVIEW]
        Reminders when leaving a review: - Minimum of 50 characters is required. - You may only review an item that has stocks online (UNIQLO App or Website). - Special Characters such as (but not limited to) "!, ?, *" and Emojis are not accepted.

        You may visit this page to know more: How can I give product feedback?


        • If I'm chosen for the Sampling Program, what kind of products will I get? 

          The product samples will consist of everyday LifeWear essentials. To view the items you may get, kindly visit this page

          • How will I be notified if I have been selected for the Sampling Program?

            If you're selected, you will receive a push notification on your APP for a Sampling Coupon. Please ensure that your push notifications are enabled. 
            You will get your UNIQLO Sampling Program Coupon on the first week of the succeeding month when you are chosen as one of the 50 monthly winners of the UNIQLO Sampling Program. 

          • How do I collect my sample product? 

            You would need to show your Sampling Coupon on your APP to our staff at any UNIQLO store, and you would have to do so within the redemption period stated on the coupon.


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