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Q. Shopping Bag Charge

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In line with our company's sustainability efforts, we aim to reduce paper bag consumption and support the preservation of our natural resources. We want to encourage the use of eco friendly and reusable bags while also reducing the consumption of single-use bags. We will start charging for paper bags on September 5, 2022 onwards. 

UNIQLO Philippines is partnering with Haribon Foundation to help the cause of forest conservation in the Philippines. To aid the battle against deforestation and biodiversity loss, as well as provide livelihood for the local communities maintaining the forests, UNIQLO Philippines will be donating part of the proceeds from the paper bags bought from the store.

Q1. How much are we charging for the paper bag? 
We will charge PHP 2.00 per paper bag, regardless of the size from XXS to Large. 

Q2. Are the paper bags charged per transaction or per bag?
We will charge per bag. For example, if customer needs three (3) paper bags per transaction, customer needs to purchase three (3) paper bags for a total of PHP 6.00.

Q3. When is the start of paper bag charging?
We will start charging of paper bags on September 5, 2022 onwards.

Q4. Is the paper bag charge applicable to all stores?
Yes, all stores will practice this initiative.

Q5. If I order items thru Click & Collect, will I be given paper bag when I collect my items from the store?
No. Paper bag will not be given for free for Click & Collect. Customer can purchase it directly in the store.

Q6. Since I paid for the paper bag, can I return the paper bag and get a refund?
In principle, we do not refund used paper bags, but we will exchange/refund only with the following conditions:
① If a customer buys more than the necessary quantity, we will refund the unused paper bag.
Example - A customer purchased 2 bags and then realized only 1 bag is necessary for his/her purchase.
② In the process of exchanging or refund of the purchased products, it is refundable if the paper bag is not damaged and can be reused (based on the condition of the paper bag).
① If the paper bag is damaged on the day of purchase and customer requests exchange of the paper bag, we provide a new paper bag without any additional charge.
② In case the size of the bag changes due to the additional purchase in the process of exchanging and refund the purchased products, we provide larger size one without any additional cost.

Q7. How many paper bags can I purchase? 
You can only buy 1 paper bag per item purchased.
- 1 item purchased, you can buy 1 paper bag
- 2 items purchased, you can buy 2 paper bags
- 3 items purchased, you can buy 3 paper bags

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