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Q. Official UNIQLO Philippines mailing and social media accounts

Please be guided of the official UNIQLO mailing and social media accounts:

Instagram: uniqlophofficial
X (Twitter): @UNIQLOPH
Tiktok: uniqlophofficial

*UNIQLO official accounts are marked with the following certification mark next to the account name:

UNIQLO does not use public emails. Beware of fake accounts and emails pretending to be from UNIQLO Philippines or any of its subsidiaries. UNIQLO will NOT use accounts without the certification mark or GMail (or similar mailing domains) to make any event/activity announcements.

In case you receive emails from accounts not included above, we recommend NOT to click on links in the message, open attachments, or reply to the message. Please delete the entire message and block the fake account to prevent further damage.

Should you want to confirm the email/message you have received or report unofficial accounts, you may use any of the official Uniqlo customer communication channels below.

How to Identify Fake Websites, Emails and Social Media Accounts

[Fake Website]
The official website of UNIQLO Philippines is https://www.uniqlo.com/ph/en/. Please note that the imitation sites have different domains such as [www.uniqlo●●●●●.com] and [www.●●●uniqlo.com].

Characteristics of counterfeit sites:
1. The bank account name does not match that of the operating company.
2. The contact email address is a free email address.
3. The prices of all products are extremely low.

[Fake Email]
If you receive a suspicious email, please check the sender and see if it is from UNIQLO. You may refer to the list below for the official UNIQLO Philippines email addresses:
● Order notification emails: noreply-order@mail.uniqlo.com.ph
● E-Newsletter emails: enewsletter@enews.uniqlo.com.ph
● Customer Support Email Address: customersupport@uniqlo.com.ph
● Customer Notification emails such as (but not limited to) Card problem report updates, Returned Item Confirmation, etc.: noreply@uniqlo.com.ph
● Bulk Order Email Address: FRPH-BulkOrder@uniqlo.com.ph

Characteristics of counterfeit addresses:
1. In front of @, alphabets with no meaning are randomly listed:
Example: lhwiagfpsy@ml.store.uniqlo.com

2. Different alphabets such as "uniqlo" to "unlqio" by quoting UNIQLO's domain as below:
Example: ●●●●●●@unlqio.com.ph

[Fake SNS account]
Official accounts have the following verification badge next to the account name. Badges will not appear on fake accounts.
1. Official Facebook Page
User-added image

2. Official Instagram Page
User-added image

3. Official X (Twitter) Page
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4. Official Tiktok Page

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